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The Leonberger is a familydog ,he prefers the nearness of his dear ones to the garden where he is on his own !


The pack always has a leader, male or female, big or strong ; it's not the size that counts ithe choice of hierarchy for their particular pack ,oh no , the male or female who gets the most respect from the others ,will become the leader of the pack .


Before buying a Leonberger, you better visit several breeders ! Even a good book about this noble race will learn you their plus and minus aspects : their extralarge size , their moulting twice a year are compensated by their lenient character , their patience and their faithfulness!


The importance of choosing a male or a female ?

Up to myself , if I was part of a family with youngsters ,I would definitely go for a female because the adult males need experienced bosses with a certain kind of pedagogy !


When you see a litter of pups , all of them are cute even irresistable but they grow up so quickly...the bosses-to-be must keep in mind that they are responsible for the behaviour of their dog ! So be correct and steady and your dog will respect you .


The advice of the breeders who know their pups will surely be of help when the very moment of choice is there ! Their experience will lead you to the pup you prefer to be your soulmate for life !


A good contact between bosses and pups is primordial when talking about livingtogether happily ! Stay consequent in the education ! Don't ever allow a pup to do things he shouldn't do when grownup !


From 1988 on , we are active in the Leonbergerworld . The first years we only had females , from mother on to daughters in one straight line .In 2001 our first male Leonberger came into our life : King Aragon Van het Hof van Eden


His granny was Ubelle Von Titus Hof. During years I had refused to take a male but with the acquisition of Aragon I've completely changed my mind

Aragon became the heart of Leonberland , the real soul , loved and admired by everyone .

He became Champion of Belgium and Luxemburg ! A very good stud he was with many descendants as result !

He was part of the family , so close to all of us ,King Aragon , champ of our hearts for always ! He has left us a few months before his 12th birthday !!


Pups out of the same litter have quite a different character so be abare of that and educate your leo so as to have a friendly dog in all circumstances !

All the best to those who choose for the noble Leonbergerrace and enjoy your Leo !