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What do we focus on?

We want to maintain the standard of the Leonberger by breeding with highly selected couples that are not only goodlooking but also fine characters!

Our aim

A p ure Leonberger , reliable , robust and healthy . A nice familydog , 100 percent part of the family and a good companion for his bosses.

Why this race?

We do think that this race suits us the best . Leonbergers are normally calm and adapt themselves easily to any family they may be part of . They are very reliable and kind with children and for their size ,they are quite balanced qua elegance and beauty.

How did it all start

Our "  love-story " with the leos is dating from 1988 .

Afew months before , we had lost our " TITUS " , a crossbreed chow-chow and malinois .He has lived among us for 14 years so our affix " Von Titus Hof "was inspired by this very first male ! In search of a new companion ,with pedigree ,we discovered the clubmatch of Leonbergers and that was that ...love at first sight ! Attracted by the noble appearance, the cool temper and the kindness , we finally decided to introduce Minja von jungen Hoffnung into our family . She was a marvellous bitch with a nice character , proud and beautiful ...a dream came true ! In 1993 , Our Minja became belgian female champion and so we started the breeding " Von Titus Hof " Leonbergerland .

About us